Google is SO UNFAIR! :)

It looks like 2012 is going to be another busy year for narcissistic webmasters who have unrealistic expectations of favorable treatment to incessantly bitch and moan on forums about how The Big Bad Google is sooooo unfair.

These people need to step back (for a detached view, if they have the capacity for that) and ask themselves two simple questions:
1) “Do I make money (or try to make money) from traffic that The Google sends to me?”
and, since the answer to the first question will invariably be “Yes”, then
2) “Where does the ‘Google is so unfair’ fit into that equation?”.

Then if you STILL feel that The Google is so unfair….. there is a very easy and simple solution to the perceived problem! Just go into your “robots.txt” file and add these two lines of code:

User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /

Then you won’t have to worry about The Big Bad Google mistreating you any more!


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A new type of Web Spam: Adwords Hogging for Free Branding

A new web spamming trend has started to emerge: big brands PPC bidding on every term they can come up with so their ads will be displayed regardless of whether their offerings are relevant to the content of the pages they are displayed on or not. Where they get their lists of terms to bid on is open to speculation, but it seems as if they’ve got virtually every word or phrase in the English language covered; they’re doing one heck of a job of spamming the hell out of Google’s ad delivery system.

Earlier this year a well-known “local coupons” outfit started to do this and has gotten away with it (so far). It didn’t take long before a stampede of inconsiderate sh!theads took notice and jumped right on the bandwagon.

So where does the notion of “Free Branding” enter the equation? Adwords placements cost money, right? Not if somebody doesn’t click on the ad! For the most part, people are only going to click on ads that they are interested in. In this case, yes, the advertiser pays, but they probably get reasonable ROI anyway because… the person who clicked was interested in their offers. But here’s the kicker, and the key to the “Free” angle: those who do not click on the ads still get the company/brand name burned into their eyes on virtually every web page they visit that has Adsense panels displayed. Voila! Free branding!

This type of spam prevents relevant ads from being displayed first. As a result, honest advertisers whose ads are relevant to the audience get less exposure and less CTR; they make less money. The publishers who run Adsense panels on their websites make less money. Google makes less money.

Sooner or later Google will take measures to corral these pigs, but in the meantime, if you are running Adsense on your websites and your revenue has dropped noticeably without any corresponding drop in visitor traffic, this is one of the first things you should check for. View a handful of pages on your websites to see if any of these weasels’ ads are hogging up your display space; it doesn’t take long to figure out who is doing it. Then you can log in to Adsense and use the competitive ad filter to block them so you can start serving relevant, money-making ads on your site again.

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